Friday, May 20, 2005

The Mystery of the Finger: Solved!

I'm sure all our many readers are dying to find out...Let me start over.

It's possible that one of our two or three readers would be mildly interested in the resolution to the mystery of the finger found in a bowl of Wendy's chilli.

Here's the story: Earlier this year, Anna Ayala claimed to find a human fingertip in her bowl of chilli served at a Wendy's restaurant in northern California. The woman was considering suing Wendy's over the incident, but the police were skeptical of her story. They believed it might be a hoax to extort money from Wendy's. (Note, there was an earlier story reported here that turned out to be erroneous, in which a woman was identified as the owner of the finger.)

After a nationwide manhunt for a man with only nine complete fingers (spurred by a $100,000 reward offer from Wendy's), the following information turned up: A man (whose name is being withheld) once worked with Anna's husband, James Plascencia, in a Las Vegas paving company. The man lost the tip of his finger in a work-related accident. James Plascencia offered to take the man's finger as payment for a $50 debt.

The full story is in The Guardian. Why can't American newspapers do this kind of groundbreaking investigative reporting?


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