Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Nameless Piano Man Identified

via Yellow Doggerel Democrat

On May 17:
[A] tall blonde man was found in a soaking wet suit and tie and wandering the streets of a coastal town [in England] more than a month ago. Since then, he's refused to talk but has played lots of classical piano.

The man doesn't seem to be a virtuoso. The hospital's chaplain says the patient has played a small number of tunes over and over.

The staff says he's been crying lately and is very anxious, but relaxes at the piano.

Today, in the LA Times, it was announced that
Several musicians from the Czech Republic said they believe that the forlorn figure, who has not spoken to the doctors caring for him but has played for hours at a piano, is Tomas Strnad, a keyboardist from Prague who yearned to become a star and had spoken of going abroad to seek his musical fortune.

Doctors believe he may be suffering from amnesia.
(Mike Gunnill/EPA)


Anonymous Kyle - Iowa said...

Kyle, can you email me at kylemccullough@hotmail.com as I'd like to hear about you and what you do since we do share the same name and seems like same occupation.

2:44 AM  
Anonymous Rich said...

According to Boingboing it seems the fellow is Bavarian, not Czech. From the BBC article linked there:

It was reported that health and social workers said they were "stunned" when he proceeded to give them a virtuoso performance.

However, newspaper reports now suggest he was only able to play one note continuously.

Theories put forward and later discounted included that the man was a French street musician and a Czech concert pianist.

A Norwegian speaker was brought in to try to communicate with the man, in his 20s or early 30s, after he pointed to Oslo on a map.

So if one of us turned up in a foreign capital and refused to answer any questions with a straight answer, how many months would it take for the authorities to get to the bottom of things?

9:39 PM  

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