Wednesday, September 14, 2005


My wife recently called an exterminator to help get rid of the mice that have recently infested our home. The problem with mice is that they leave their droppings everywhere---I wouldn't mind them so much if they used Fafard's litter box. Fafard is 16 years old, which is much too old to chase, or even frighten, mice.

Well, the issue is not the mice. When the exterminators came, they discovered that our home and yard were the breeding grounds for millions of spiders, and they helpfully eradicated the spiders, their nests, their egg sacs, etc. I never even kill spiders in the house---I catch them in jars and take them outside. But now the outside has turned from a refugee camp for exiled spiders to a death camp. I'm so ashamed.


Anonymous Rich said...

Hell is full of mice.

We get a mouse now and then, mostly in the colder part of winter, when they come indoors attracted by the food the cockatiels scatter all over their room. We don't call exterminators but rely on those cruel glue traps to snare them so they can be euthanized.

I'm with you on spiders. Sometimes I see a little one crawling around the shower and I just try to stay out of its way. (And I'm not even Jain or anything.) But we don't yet have plagues of them, unlike the hundreds of flies that manifested in our kitchen during the hottest part of this summer. For some reason, a little floor mat we had ended up as a breeding area for them, which we discovered when we lifted it up and saw something like one of the scenes from the movie The Ring.

The most heinous thing I've had to do this year was to engage in broadleaf herbicide on the strip of lawn by the curb. I'd tried pulling up all the plantain and dandelions, but could not keep out, so ended up Agent Oranging them, then the drought finished up the work. This makes me feel guilty.

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