Tuesday, November 08, 2005

In Virginia, Kaine Just as Guilty?

Kyle has pointed out to me that in the Virginia governor's race, Kaine is guilty of doing some of the same dirty tricks as Kilgore.

From the web site of WVIR-TV, Charlottesville:
Just days before voters head out to the polls, the Kaine campaign is slapped with a fine by the Virginia Board of Elections. Additionally, a complaint is being turned over to the commonwealth's attorney to determine if the Kaine camp went so far as to purposely break the law. All of this controversy surrounds a flyer that the Kaine campaign sent out by mail.

The mailer looks to be sent out by the Republican Party and in fact, has the party's logo on the cover, but the message inside the flyer is clearly against republican candidate Jerry Kilgore. And only in tiny print, does the flyer ever say it was created by the Democrat Kaine campaign.


Blogger Kyle McCullough said...

I may be splitting hairs here, but there was one difference between the Kaine and Kilgore mailers. Both had the other party's symbol on the front (they were sent to likely voters for the opposition), but inside Kaine sent a real criticism of Kilgore by the Club For Growth: the CFG really did make this criticism. Inside the Kilgore mailer was a pamphlet which read "Official democrat and progressive voter guide": it was not.

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