Tuesday, October 10, 2006

NY Governor's Race: Spitzer to Support Gay Marriage

New York's Democratic Attorney General Eliot Spitzer said last week that he would work to make gay marriage legal in New York State. Spitzer:
We will not ask whether this proposition of legalizing same-sex marriage is popular or unpopular; we will not ask if it’s hard or easy; we will simply ask if it’s right or wrong.
This is pretty amazing, especially since Spitzer seemed to be ambivalent about the gay marriage issue a couple of years ago. Maybe his position has changed, or maybe his former opposition was based on the constitutional question of whether prohibition of gay marriage violated New York's equal protection laws.

I have no idea whether Spitzer's new stand will be greeted by cheers, boos, or yawns by New Yorkers. Anyway, Spitzer is now comfortably ahead in the polls, so he has room to take a potentially unpopular stand on an issue.


Blogger Kyle McCullough said...

"We will not ask whether [it] is popular or unpopular; we will [] simply ask if it’s right or wrong," is easy to say--if you are popular. People who take such principled, unpopular positions before establishing their own popularity never become popular enough to have a shot at being Governor.

Personally, I think that is is brave of him to say that in the position he is in--and would have been stupid of him to say it before he got in that position.

9:52 PM  

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