Thursday, September 01, 2005

New Orleans Blogger Found Alive

One of the many dramas surrounding Hurricane Katrina was the fate of New Orleans blogger Kat (of the blog Raven on a Writing Desk). On the day the hurricane hit, August 29, her three entries read:
  • in old apt. rainy windy, still power. worst is yet to come. yet try sleep. very well sheltered for now. zzz...

  • power out now. things going thud outside.

  • building next door collapsed. this may go soon wall missing big cracks. fun trip love you
The last entry was at 6:43 am. There was nothing from her for the rest of the day. Good news, though: Kat is alive, and heading for Texas in a pickup truck, after her apartment building literally fell down around her. Read more here and here.


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