Friday, December 30, 2005

Another Genocide Happens and We Barely Notice

We are too preoccupied with the war in Iraq to pay much attention, but there is a continuing slaughter in Sudan:
News Report: Attacks on villagers by government-backed militia of Arab heritage have raised the spectre of genocide in Sudan’s western Darfur region. In the south, the Khartoum government and southern rebels have officially ended Africa’s longest-running war -- a 21-year civil conflict that the United Nations estimates killed two million -- but the humanitarian crisis continues to fester, with more than 5.5 million people displaced from their homes. Simmering conflict in northeastern Sudan, the Nuba mountains of south Kordofan, the Southern Blue Nile and Abyei risk destabilising the country further.
InTalking Points Memo Cafe, we see that Senators Barack Obama and Sam Brownback are trying to raise awareness in the US:

The odd couple of Barack Obama and Sam Brownback have made a valiant effort in trying to get the neglected issue of the Darfur genocide back on the table.

While all of their proposals have merit, they recognize that nothing short of a major multinational military intervention will put an end to the government-sponsored mass killings.


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