Sunday, September 18, 2005

Impeach Jackson!

Impeach President Jackson (posthumously)! Get that butcher off the twenty dollar bill!

I'm actually surprised that there isn't such a movement. I just listened to a book on tape, Don't Know Much About History by Kenneth C. Davis, and I found his recounting of Andrew Jackson's treatment of the Indians to be completely horrifying. The Cherokee of Georgia, especially, were completely assimilated. It wasn't a matter of them riding around on horseback and shooting arrows into backs of white settlers; the Cherokee adopted European style clothing and houses. They had a written language and they had schools. They were prosperous farmers not very different from the whites living in Georgia at the time. But they were dragged from their homes, and forced to march 2000 miles on foot to a god-forsaken land that they had never been to before. Jackson claimed it was to "protect" them from the white settlers, although the normal procedure in using force to protect people is to use that force against the agressors, rather than the victims.

I wish that ATMs would dispense money in denominations other than twenties.


Anonymous Rich said...

I was disgusted when they kept Ol' F*ckin' Hick'ry on the latest redesign of the banknote (the one with the girly tints in the background). I was hoping they would have tossed him out, or at least swapped the portraits on the $2 and the $20 bills around.

In lieu of this, I guess we can just mutilate the currency ourselves.

7:22 PM  
Blogger Kyle McCullough said...

This morning, Jason (6) was looking in my wallet. He said: "There's Lincoln; he's on the penney. And there's a guy I don't know. And there's a guy I don't know. And there's a guy I don't know...." So I decided to take a look and tell him who they were. I noticed Jackson and thought to myself, "we should get that jerk off the twenty." Honest.

7:35 PM  
Anonymous Rich said...

Anyway it's nice you had three portraits of "I don't know" in your wallet. Even better if it had been Grant.

7:56 PM  

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