Tuesday, June 27, 2006

More Nonsense from the Worst Congress Ever

From The Houston Chronicle (the first Google hit on this topic):
A constitutional amendment to ban flag desecration is headed toward its best chance of passage in 15 years with a cliffhanger vote later this week in the Senate.
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I'm not surprised that this is a high priority for this Congress. The world is running out of oil. Global warming is threatening our coastal cities. The cost of medical care is threatening to bankrupt our country. We are running a $400-billion per year deficit. 2500 lives and hundreds of billions of dollars have been lost in a war with no end in sight. And this congress is worried about people mistreating pieces of cloth.Unbelievable. What does a US flag stand for, if it doesn't stand for political freedom?

Am I exaggerating to say that we have the worst Congress in 50 years, perhaps ever? Put that together with the worst President and the worst Supreme, and we've hit the trifecta. Lucky us.