Sunday, September 18, 2005

George Bush in Ithaca

George Bush made a surprise stop in Ithaca, NY last week and gave a short speech about recent events. He dressed strangely for the occasion, wearing thigh-high rubber wader boots, a fireman's jacket, and a foxskin hat, complete with a fox's tail hanging down the back. After the speech, he took a few questions from the mostly liberal audience:

Question: Mr. President, could you explain why you are wearing rubber boots?
Answer: These boots are in honor of the rescue workers who waded through waist-high water and muck to save the lives of the victims of hurricane Katrina.

Question: Mr. President, could you also explain why you are wearing a fireman's jacket?
Answer: This jacket is in honor of the first responders, who risk their lives to save others in times of fire, terrorist attack, or natural disasters.

Question: What about that hat?
Answer: That was Laura's suggestion. When I told her that I was giving a speech in Ithaca, she said "Ithaca? Wear the fox hat!"

...told at a wedding I attended Saturday. Congratulations, Ted and Marne!


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